How Many Days Until September 1st, 2022-Facts,Holidays,Events

How Many Days Until September 1st

How Many Days Until September 1st, 2022

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More About September 1st

September 1 is the 244th day of the year and 245th in leap years in the Gregorian calendar.
Remaining Days: 121 days remain until the end of the year.

Season (in the Northern Hemisphere): Autumn

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  • Fun Facts about September
  • September in Other Languages
  • Historical Names
  • Daily Holidays that fall on September 1st
  • Birth Flower of September
  • Famous Weddings and Divorces
  • Famous Birthdays and Deaths, Evens on September 1
  • Historical Events
  • Fun Facts about September

    • September is the first month of the Autumn or Fall season.
    • Constitution Week takes place during the month of September.
    • September in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to March in the Southern Hemisphere.
    • American college and professional football tournament originates during the September.
    • Many children (Asia, Europe and the Americas) initiate the school year during this month.
    • Teacher's Day is celebrated in India on September 5.
    • The Anglo-Saxons also called this month Gerst Monath which is meaning barley month. This is because they would harvest their barley crops during September.
    • September is often associated with fire as it was the month of the Roman god Vulcan. Vulcan was the Roman god of fire and the forge.

    September in Other Languages

    Chinese (Mandarin)Jiuyuè

    Historical Names

    SaxonHalegmonath (festivals month)
    GermanicHerbst-mond (Autumn month)

    Daily Holidays that fall on September 1st

    Daily holidays on September 1st include:

    • Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
    • Chicken Boy Day
    • Emma M. Nutt Day
    • Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
    • Journalist Day (Taiwan)
    • Global Talent Acquisition Day - September 1, 2022 (First Wednesday in September)
    • National Cherry Popover Day
    • Random Acts of Kindness Day (New Zealand)
    • National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day
    • Knowledge Day (Russia, Ukraine and Armenia)
    • Pink Cadillac Day
    • National Tofu Day (UK)
    • Flag Day (Honduras)
    • Save Japan's Dolphins Day
    • Veteran's Day (Poland)
    • Wattle Day (Australia)
    • Toy Tips Executive Toy Test Day
    • World Letter Writing Day

    Birth Flower of September

    The Birth Flower(s) for September are:

    • Aster - symbols of powerful love.
    • Morning Glory - symbols of affection.

    Famous Weddings and Divorces

    2002Actress Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy) married actor Freddie Prinze Jr.
    2001Actress Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise) married Dr. Reza Jarrahy (Iranian-American plastic surgeon)
    1996Amy Carter, the only child of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, marries Jim Wentzel (computer consultant)
    1730Benjamin Franklin (US Founding Father) establishes a common-law marriage with Deborah Read.

    Famous Birthdays and Deaths, Evens on September 1

    Famous Births, Deaths, and Historical Events include on September 1st : (1)


    1997Jungkooksinger, songwriter, and record producerSouth Korean
    1995Nathan MacKinnonIce hockey playerCanadian
    1996ZendayaActress and SingerAmerican
    1991Rhys BennettFootballerEnglish
    1988Chanel West CoastRapper-songwriter and modelAmerican
    1988Gabriel FerrariSoccer playerAmerican
    1985Larsen JensenSwimmerAmerican
    1984Nick NobleFootball playerAmerican
    1982Paul DumbrellRacing driverAustralian
    1982Ryan GomesBasketball playerAmerican
    1977Arsalan IftikharLawyer and authorAmerican


    • 2020 – Erick Morillo American disc jockey and music producer ( b. 1971)
    • 2018 – Randy Weston, American jazz pianist and composer (b. 1926)
    • 2014
      • Roger McKee, American baseball player (b. 1926)
      • Joseph Shivers, American chemist and academic, developed spandex (b. 1920)
    • 2015 –
      • Gurgen Dalibaltayan, Armenian general (b. 1926)
      • Dean Jones, American actor and singer (b. 1931)
      • Richard G. Hewlett, American historian and author (b. 1923)
      • Ben Kuroki, American sergeant and pilot (b. 1917)
    • 2013 – Gordon Steege, Australian soldier (b. 1917)
    • 2013 – Margaret Mary Vojtko, American linguist and academic (b. 1930)
    • 2012 – Hal David, American songwriter and composer (b. 1921)
    • 2006 –
      • Warren Mitofsky, American journalist (b. 1934)
      • Bob O'Connor, American businessman and politician, 57th Mayor of Pittsburgh (b. 1944)

    Historical Events

    • 1991 – Uzbekistan declares independence from the Soviet Union.
    • 1979 – The American space probe Pioneer 11 becomes the first spacecraft to visit Saturn when it passes the planet at a distance of 21,000 kilometers (13,000 mi).
    • 1969 – A coup in Libya brings Muammar Gaddafi to power.
    • 1951 – The United States, Australia and New Zealand sign a mutual defense pact, called the ANZUS Treaty.
    • 1939 – World War II: Nazi Germany and Slovakia invade Poland, beginning the European phase of World War II.

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