Idioms with Colors in English

Idioms with Colors in English With Meanings and Sentence.

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Red tape

Meaning: Official or bureaucratic rules, methods, or tasks.

Sentence: There is so much red tape involved in opening up a supermarket that we decided to dump the plan altogether.

To see red

Meaning: To be very angry.

Sentence: I saw red when that boy grabbed my wife's purse.

In the red

Meaning: In debt, a person or business is losing money.


  • When I was in the red I almost had to sell the house.
  • Jerry sells kitchen products on her website. She has made money from this for years, but recently, she has been in the red.

Roll out the red carpet

Meaning: Treat someone as royalty.

Sentence: When our relatives come to town my mother rolls out the red carpet.

Beet red

Meaning: Dark red (generally to describe face).

Sentence: My brother's face turned beet red when I caught his dance in front of a mirror.

Catch red handed

Meaning: Catch someone in the act of doing something wrong or illegal, Doing or about to do something illegal or wrong.

Sentence: The children were caught red-handed stealing chocolate bars.

Black out

Meaning: Faint, to be in a semi-unconscious state such that to not have any memory of a certain moment.

Sentence: A mother of a child's blacked out on seeing him at the hospital.

Black and blue

Meaning: Bruised and beaten, Describe something that is badly bruised.

Sentence: I found the poor guy black and blue near the restaurant.

Black and white

Meaning: Very clear, straightforward, Written, or printed.


  • The rules I gave the students were black and white.
  • This is very good to have the agreement in black and white.
  • My son is still very young to understand the shades of grey, she talks in black and white.

Black as night

Meaning: Somewhere very dark, when it is hard to see anything.

Sentence: I had another terrible power cut last night; it was as black as night in our house.

Black as a skillet

Meaning: Used to describe something that is very dirty, black with dirt.

Sentence: My hands and clothes were as black as a skillet.

Black sheep

Meaning: A person who is a disgrace to a family or group, the odd or bad member of the group.

Sentence: My youngest brother was the black sheep in our family. He dropped out of school at ten.

Black Eye

Meaning: A bruise near one’s eye.

Sentence: Mike came home with a horrible black eye yesterday.

Black market

Meaning: Specific places where goods are illegally bought and sold for a profit.

Sentence: Jackson used to sell cigarettes from North America on the black market!

In the dark

Meaning: Unaware.

Sentence: My friend kept me in the dark about her plan of starting a new business.

Grey area

Meaning: Something without a clear rule, idea, or answer.

Sentence: Sometimes a contractual term lies in a grey area between the two.

Golden opportunity

Meaning: The perfect chance, the perfect chance.

Sentence: The business conference was a golden opportunity for me to sell my insurance products.

The green light

Meaning: Permission.

Sentence: The owner has given the green light to build the tower.

Green Thumb

Meaning: A special ability to make plants grow.


  • He has a green thumb, he is very good at gardening and their plants grow well.
  • She has an remarkably green thumb, she can grow any plants.

Green with envy

Meaning: Very jealous

Sentence: I am green with envy over Marry's new smartphone.

Have the blues

Meaning: Be sad or depressed.

Sentence: I always have the blues during the summertime.

Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Very rarely.


  • I am very careful about what I eat so it is only once in a blue moon I eat fast food.
  • Because of living abroad, I get to see my wife once in a blue moon.

Blue Collar

Meaning: Working in a manual labor job.


My parents were both blue-collar workers.
Examples of blue-collar employees include machine operators, construction workers, assemblers, millwrights, and truck drivers.

Out of the blue

Meaning: Unexpectedly.

Sentence: I got a phone call from a lost friend out of the blue last month.

Rose colored glasses

Meaning: Unrealistic view.

Sentence: Sally imagines Hollywood with rose-colored glasses.

Tickled pink

Meaning: Very pleased and appreciative.

Sentence: My mother was tickled pink when my dad brought red roses home for her.

True colors

Meaning: Real self, to show what one is really like, to reveal one's real nature or character.

Sentence: Jonathan seemed nice at first, but he showed his true colors during the difficulty.

With flying colors

Meaning: With distinction, triumph, with an overwhelming victory or success.

Sentence: He passed his road test with flying colors.


Meaning: A coward.

Sentence: Jolly was called yellow-bellied after she was too scared to go on the rollercoaster.

To be yellow

Meaning: To be cowardly.

Sentence: I am not surprised that John did not come to the rally—he is too yellow to support his beliefs in public.

Pink Slip

Meaning: A notice of dismissal from employment.

Sentence: Rose got her pink slip over twenty years ago.

White Elephant

Meaning: An expensive item that is costly to maintain.

Sentence: Bill Gates invested his savings in the business and it is turned into a white elephant.

White lie

Meaning: An innocent lie to protect another person's feelings

Sentence: We told Grandmother that her pizza was delicious, which was indeed a white lie.

Silver Screen

Meaning: The film industry.

Sentence: Nothing compares to see an action movie on the silver screen—it is larger than life.

Born with a silver spoon in one's mouth

Meaning: Born into a rich family.

Sentence: She has never worked hard for anything because she was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Her parents brought everything to him instead.

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