27 Ways to Say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. With Example

Ways to Say Hello & Goodbye

In this article, you will learn about some English phrases that are similar or alternative to 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'. Now, learn 27 ways to Say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. Let's learn some English Phrases and ways to say 'Hello or Hi' and 'Bye or Goodbye'.

Ways to Say 'Hello' & 'Goodbye'

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  • 16 ways to say "Hello"
  • 11 ways to say "Goodbye"
  • Final Words
  • 16 ways to say "Hello"

    01. Hello


    • Hello, can I help you with something?
    • Hello, John! How are you?
    • Hello, this is Thompson.

    02. Hi


    • Hi, how are you doing?
    • Hi there, you must be Laura.

    03. Hey (informal)


    • Hey, How did your English test go?
    • Hey! What are you doing with my car?

    04. Hi there


    • Hi, there! My name's Terry Graham. You are new around here, hun?
    • Hi, there! How are you doing?

    05. Howdy (informal)


    • Howdy ( How do you do? ), my dear friends?
    • Howdy? What's up today?

    06. What's going on?


    • What's going on here?
    • Will someone please explain what's going on?

    07. Hey! What's up?


    • Hey! What's up, buddy?
    • Hey! What's up with him? He looks furious.

    08. “Good morning" or "good afternoon” or "Good evening"


    • Good morning, girls and boys!
    • Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Marry Marry, good evening, have a good day!

    09. Hey! There she is


    • Hey! There she is, coming round the corner.

    10. How's everything?


    • How is everything going?

    11. How are things?


    • How are things with you?
    • Hi, Jane! How are things?

    12. "Good to see you," "Great to see you," "Nice to see you"


    • Welcome back - it is good to see you again.
    • It's great to see you after all this time!
    • It's so nice to see you again.

    13. "What's happening" or "What's happenin'?"


    • What's happening in that room? It is bedlam in there.

    "How's it going?"


    • How's it going so far?
    • So how's it going at work these days? Still, enjoying it?
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    11 ways to say "Goodbye"

    01. Bye


    • I am leaving. Bye, mom.
    • Bye for now! I'll catch you later

    02. Bye-bye


    • Say bye-bye to Daddy, Jonny.
    • Bye-bye! Have a pleasant journey!

    03. "See you later" or "See ya later"

    “Ya” instead of “You” becomes more casual.


    • I am going out for a bit - I'll see you later.
    • All right. I will see you later.

    04. "See you soon" or "See ya soon"

    This is similar to "See you later". You can be used "See you soon" to indicate that you want to or plan to meet with the person again soon.


    • See you soon. Lots of love, John.
    • I will come and see you soon.

    05. "Take care"

    You can use this in an email or written letter.


    • Take care not to make any mistakes.
    • I am leaving. Please take care of it for me.

    06. "Take it easy"

    This is not used now. As much as, it was used in the 1980s and 1990s.


    • Take it easy. Do not work so hard.
    • Just relax and take it easy.

    07. "Gotta go!"


    • I gotta go now.
    • Mommy, Mommy, I gotta go to the bathroom.

    08. "Talk to you soon"

    It is casual. This is used often in writing emails or on the phone.


    • Take care and we will talk to you soon.

    09. "See you next time"

    Use this when you know you’ll be returning to a definite place and you’ll see the person when you come back.


    • I will stop by and see you next time I am down your way.
    • Whenever or wherever I see you next time I will not be timorous or evasive.

    10. "Catch you /ya later"

    This is used casually between friends or acquaintances/colleagues.


    • See you again. Catch you later.
    • Bye for now! I will catch you later.

    11. "Have a good one"

    This means, "have a nice day". It could be used between strangers, friends, colleagues, or family members.


    • Have a good one.
    • And you have a good one.

    Final Words

    Remember, in English, there are many ways to "hello" and "goodbye"!

    So now you know 27 alternatives, try to practice them as much as you can.

    If you want to make these words a part of your vocabulary, try to listen in your daily life.

    By hearing these words in sentences often, you will be able to understand when and how to slip into a conversation.

    So, good luck and remember to practice regularly every day!



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