Newspaper Full Form, Is it an acronym, An analysis

newspaper full form

People commonly know that the word "Newspaper" is an acronym. They believe the full form of Newspaper is the combination of North, East, West, South: Past And Present Event Reports.

But unfortunately, it is not TRUE!!!

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What is the Full Form of Newspaper?

We examined a Facebook Post regarding Newspaper's facts on September 19, 2019, by Hit106.9 Newcastle. Hit106.9 Newcastle published a feature post. They posted a question on the word “Newspaper.” They started that this word (Newspaper) is an acronym.

The Facebook post showed:

“How Old Were You When You Found out That ‘Newspaper’ Stood for North East West South Past and Present Event report?”

People shared the post more than 170 times and commented more than 320 times and more than 220 reactions.

Hit106.9 is a radio station. This radio station is based in the NSW city of Newcastle. It has been broadcasting since March 1992. The Facebook page of this radio station has more than 201,120 people like this page.

The Analysis About Newspaper Full Form

Source One

There are mainly two parts of the word “Newspaper.” Firstly, ‘news’ and secondly ‘paper.’

The word ‘news’ developed in the 14th century and was derived from the French word “Nouvelles”. Its meaning is “new things” (according to the Online Etymology Dictionary).

The dictionary says the word “paper” has its origin in the Latin word “papyrus”. The plant was used to make paper in ancient Egypt. The Latin word came from the old Greek word “Papyrus.”

China originated Newspapers as a court bulletin and spread, with paper and printing press, to Europe.

Robert Mailhammer (Associate Professor of Western Sydney University) holds a Ph.D. in linguistics. He referred TipsFu Fact Check to the entry for “Newspaper” in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) lists the word like it first appeared in 1667. It is containing the definition of “papers containing new information” and then ‘printed publication.’

The word “newspaper” first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1667.

Mailhammer said that "The Oxford English Dictionary is the most authoritative source regarding the information of “Newspaper.”

Its definition establishes that the word “Newspaper” was created as a completely transparent alignment of two nouns – ‘news’ and ‘paper.’

He also mentioned creating the word “Newspaper” was not an abbreviation but the transportation of putting two existing meaningful words together. This appealing much rules out that this Facebook user is correct”.

Source Two

Merriam-Webster doesn’t reference any acronyms for the word “Newspaper” or the full form of a newspaper.

It defines it as a

“Paper that is printed and usually distributed daily or weekly or monthly that contains news, articles of features, opinion, and advertisement.”

However, it defines the word ‘news’ as a “report of recent events” with the first usage in the 15th century.

The Merriam-Webster also set the record straight on Twitter in 2017 when a claim that said ‘news’ stood for “notable event, weather and sports” circulated on the platform:

“Late 14c., ‘new things,’ plural of new (n.) ‘new thing’ (see new (adj.)); after French nouvelles, which was used in Bible translations to render Medieval Latin nova (neuter plural) ‘news,’ literally ‘new things.’

The English word was construed as singular at least from the 1560s, but it sometimes still regarded as plural 17c.-19c. The odd and doubtful construction probably accounts for the absurd folk-etymology (attested by 1640 but originally, and in 18c. usually, in jest-books) that claims it to be an abbreviation of north east south west, as though ‘information from all quarters of the compass.’”Theory absurd folk-Etymology

The Final Verdict

Based on the evidence mentioned above, TipsFu FactCheck found that Facebook post (regarding the newspaper full form) to be FALSE and FABRICATED.

There is no evidence that the newspaper full-form stands for “North East West South Past and Present Event Report.”

This claim of the newspaper's full form is nothing but incorrect and a repurposed fraud.

If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed - MARK TWAIN

FAQs of Newspaper

Q: Who is the father of newspaper?

Ans: James Augustus Hickey is the Father of the Newspaper.

Q: Which country started first newspaper in the world?

Ans: Germany. Europe invented the modern newspaper. The oldest handwritten news-sheets widely circulated in 1566 in Venice.

These weekly news sheets contained information on wars and politics in Italy and Europe. Germany published the first printed weekly newspapers by Johann Carolus from 1609.

Q: Which is the oldest newspaper?

Ans: The Gazzetta di Mantova is the oldest living newspaper in the world. The same title is the Gazzetta di Mantova (regular publication) in Mantua (Italy) since 1664.

Q: Which is the oldest newspaper of India?

Ans: The Bombay Samachar (now Mumbai Samachar) is the oldest newspaper (regular publication) in India.

Q: Which is the oldest newspaper in UK?

Ans: Berrow's Worcester Journal is the oldest newspaper in the UK. This newspaper started life as the Worcester Postman in 1609 and was regularly published from 1709.

Q: What is the oldest newspaper in the USA?

Ans: The New York Post. The New York Post was established in 1801. It is the nation's oldest constantly published daily newspaper. However, the Hartford Courant bills itself as the country's oldest continuously published newspaper.

Q: What was the first online newspaper?

Ans: The Columbus Dispatch is the first newspaper that goes online on July 1, 1980.

Q: Who invented newspaper?

Ans: Johann Carolus (1575-1634) was the publisher of the Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien (collection of all Distinguished and Commemorable News).

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) and many authors have recognized that the `Relation' is the world's first newspaper.

Q: Who started the newspaper in India?

Ans: James Augustus Hicky.

Hicky's Bengal Gazette was the first English-language newspaper on the Indian subcontinent. Irishman James Augustus Hicky founded it in Calcutta, the capital of British India at the time in 1779.

Q: What is the most respected newspaper in England?

Ans: The Guardian is the most trusted newspaper brand in the UK.

Q: What are the most read newspapers?

Ans: Top 10 U.S. Newspapers by Circulation:

  • USA Today.
  • The Wall Street Journal.
  • Newsday.
  • Los Angeles Times.
  • The New York Times.
  • Chicago Tribune.
  • Star Tribune.
  • The Washington Post.
  • New York Post.
  • Boston Globe.

Q: Where can I get free newspaper?

Ans: How to Get Free Newspapers in Bulk from these 15 sources?

  1. Local newspaper office.
  2. Ask at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  3. Check on Craigslist.
  4. Ask at your local library.
  5. Local colleges and schools.
  6. Ask at airports.
  7. Contact local hotels.
  8. Search on OfferUp.
  9. Ask at coffee shops.
  10. Ask at gas stations.
  11. Contact grocery stores.
  12. Ask at drugstores.
  13. Ask family and friends.
  14. Recycling centers.
  15. Post a classified ad.

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