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The HotLogic Mini Portable Oven is the latest cooking technology.

Expandable- Lightweight

What is a Hot Logic?

The HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven. It is an evolution in cooking technology.

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What You Get?

  • Mini expandable portable oven
  • Glass dish
  • 1-year limited warranty

HotLogic Mini Portable Oven Reviews


There is no monitoring needed. You place your meal inside, plug it in, set a time, adjust a temperature, turn on a burner, then… flip, stir, turn, rotate even remove food until you are ready to eat fresh hot meals.



That’s just what you can do with the Hot Logic Mini food warmer. It is the world’s first portable cooking device to use “Artificial Intelligence” to think for itself and changing the way America thinks about eating.


You can reheat your meals or cooked prepackage, frozen meats, and vegetables anywhere without burning or drying your food.


This mini HotLogic oven or food warmer is ideal for lunch at the office and parties, and home kitchen use.

How does Hot Logic work?

Hot Logic Mini Oven slowly and steadily heats your meals to preserve moisture and increase flavor in one small plug-in lunchbox!

It can hold it there even for hours without burning, overcooking or drying the food out!

You can use it on any flat-bottom container that made of plastic; glass, Tupperware, or metal providing it had a sealed lid.

Key Features of Mini Hot Logic

Mini Meals, Re-heats and Holds Food Hot for Hours

  • It will hold your meal at the perfect temperature of about 165 degrees Fahrenheit for even hours without overcooking, burning, and drying out the meal.
  • Eye-catching, portable case
  • Heat insightful interior magnifies and maintains heat
  • Double zipper
  • Enriched with Patented Smart Shelf(PSS) heating technology that wipes clean with a soft or damp cloth.
  • Save enough time and eat healthier meals!
  • Provided with standard 110v plug.

Smart Shelf Cooking Element

  • It uses little energy than your microwave.
  • You can plug into the cigarette lighter in your car
  • Hot logic mini is appropriate for plastic, glass, metallic, cardboard, aluminum foil, etc.
  • You can cook meals in a sealed container, and the slow, even heating removes splash and explosion food.
  • Hot Logic Mini Ovens are well-suited for U.S. based 110-volt outlets. We should use an electrical converter to ensure proper setup for the customers living outside the USA.

HotLogic Accessories

FAQs-HOTLOGIC Mini Portable Oven

01. Is Hot Logic safe?

When your meal has finished its heating cycle, the HotLogic Mini will hold it at a pathogenic safe serving temperature for several hours so that your meal is ready to serve when you are prepared to eat.

Download Hot Logic Owner’s Manual

02. Can my co-workers smell the food?

There is no smell while heating up. Then the only time you can smell once you open the container.

03. Can I plug Hot Logic into the cigarette lighter in a car? Or with an electrical outlet?

The Mini Hotlogic oven pulls 45 watts and plugs into 120V AC. To use it in the car, you would need an inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. A 75-watt inverter costs about $16-21 On Amazon.

Furthermore to an AC plug helps you to plug in USB for charging cell phone etc.

You can plug the inverter into your cigarette lighter. Then plug HotLogic Mini into the inverter as the inverter is rated twice the device’s power requirement, no problem.

04. Have anyone experienced taking Hot Logic through airport security?

Many air travelers have commented on having zero problems going through security with the HotLogic Mini.

05. Can I Hot Logic put on any surface (Cloth, chair, carpet)?, or can it damage something?

No problem, you can put it on the table, it won’t damage the surface. You can also put it on the floor of the carpet at work.

But be careful about putting this on a table with varnish. The bottom will get hot enough to turn the varnish white.

Set the HotLogic on something a bit more durable; Formica or other countertop is fine. Putting a towel underneath will be the best option.

06. How long is the electrical cord?

Roughly 4ft. You can gather up and store in a pocket on the back of oven insulted bag.

07. How much power does it use in amps/ watts?

The Hot Logic Mini uses less than .5 amps. / 24 watts

08. How hot does the hot logic mini get?

165 degrees


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