Can I Drink Orange Juice With Braces? The Complete Guide

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Can I Drink Orange Juice With Braces? Uncover the dos and don’ts of consuming orange juice while wearing braces. Find expert tips for maintaining a healthy smile during your orthodontic journey.

Drinking orange juice with braces is not recommended due to its high acidity and sugar content. Braces are a common orthodontic treatment used to straighten and align teeth.

They require special care and attention to prevent damage to the braces or teeth. One question frequently arises is whether drinking orange juice with braces is safe. Orange juice is a popular beverage that is high in vitamin C and other important nutrients.

However, it is also highly acidic and sugary, leading to enamel erosion and decay. In this article, we will explore the effects of orange juice on braces and offer some tips for maintaining good oral health during orthodontic treatment.

Understanding Braces

Braces are orthodontic devices used to align teeth. They consist of metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands. Braces apply pressure to the teeth over time, moving them into the desired position. After a few months, the wires need tightening to keep the force on the teeth.

Patients with braces must avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods, as they can damage the brackets and wires. It’s best to avoid drinking orange juice with braces, as the acid can erode the enamel, leading to cavities and sensitivity.

Other acidic drinks like soda or lemonade should also be avoided. To maintain oral hygiene, patients should brush their teeth thoroughly and regularly, at least twice daily. Regular dental checkups are essential for cleaning and adjusting the braces and ensuring the teeth move as planned.

What Liquids Can You Have With Braces?

You might wonder if you can drink orange juice when you have braces. Drinking some liquids with braces is okay, but picking the right ones is important. Water, milk, and other non-acidic drinks are the best liquids to drink while wearing braces.

You should avoid drinking carbonated beverages like soda, juice, energy, and sports drinks with high sugar content while wearing braces. The acid content in orange juice can also damage your braces and teeth. So, it’s better to avoid drinking it.

Drinking the wrong liquids with braces can harm your orthodontic treatment. So, stick to the recommended liquids and ask your orthodontist for more advice on what to drink.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Enjoying Orange Juice With Braces


  1. Dilute with Water: Consider diluting your orange juice to reduce acidity. This lessens the potential for enamel damage and makes it gentler on your braces.
  2. Use a Straw: Drinking through a straw can help minimize contact between the juice and your braces, protecting them from staining and acid exposure.
  3. Rinse Your Mouth: After consuming orange juice, rinse your mouth with water to neutralize the acid and remove any sugary residue.
  4. Wait Before Brushing: Wait at least 30 minutes after consuming acidic beverages like orange juice before brushing your teeth. Brushing immediately can spread the acid and cause further enamel erosion.


  1. Avoid Overconsumption: While enjoying orange juice is fine, excessive consumption can lead to enamel erosion, sensitivity, and staining.
  2. Skip the Pulp: Orange juice with pulp can get stuck in your braces, making cleaning more challenging. Opt for pulp-free varieties to minimize this issue.
  3. Don’t Swish: Refrain from swishing orange juice around your mouth, as this can increase the acid’s contact with your teeth and braces.

Impacts Of Orange Juice On Braces

Orange juice is a delicious and refreshing drink, but its acidic content makes it problematic for those who wear braces. Braces are made of metal wires and brackets that acidic foods like orange juice can easily corrode. The acid can soften and weaken the braces, making them less effective in straightening teeth.

In addition, drinking orange juice with braces can cause tooth sensitivity and cavities. It’s best to avoid drinking orange juice altogether while wearing braces. If you crave citrus, opt for a milder fruit such as a banana or a ripe pear.

By following these guidelines and avoiding acidic foods, you can ensure that your braces stay intact and your teeth remain healthy and strong.

Taking Care of Your Braces While Enjoying Orange Juice

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial when consuming acidic beverages like orange juice. Here are some tips to ensure your braces stay in top condition:

  1. Brush and Floss: Stick to a consistent oral hygiene routine. Brush gently around the brackets and wires to remove any trapped food particles.
  2. Use Orthodontic Wax: If your braces are causing discomfort while drinking orange juice, apply orthodontic wax to any sharp edges that may irritate your mouth.
  3. Visit Your Orthodontist: Regular orthodontic check-ups are essential. Your orthodontist can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Alternatives To Orange Juice

It’s important to follow orthodontic guidelines if you’re undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, orange juice is not recommended due to its high sugar content and acidity, which can damage braces and teeth. However, many healthy alternatives can replace orange juice.

Apple juice, for instance, has fewer acidic properties, while milk is rich in calcium, strengthening teeth and bones. You can also try vegetable juices like cucumber or carrot, loaded with important nutrients that promote overall health. Moreover, herbal teas and water infused with fruit or vegetables are great alternatives that nourish your body.

Incorporating these alternatives into your diet ensures your teeth remain healthy and strong throughout your orthodontic treatment.

Maintenance Of Braces

Maintaining braces hygiene is crucial to ensure the success of your orthodontic treatment. Drinking orange juice with braces is not prohibited, but it can stick to your teeth and brackets, leading to plaque buildup. The acid in orange juice can also erode the enamel on your teeth over time.

It is important to brush your teeth after every meal and use a proxabrush to clean under the wires and between brackets. Flossing is also essential to remove food particles within the braces. Use a mouthwash to kill bacteria and freshen your breath.

Avoid sticky, hard, or chewy foods that can damage your braces. Be mindful of what you eat and follow your orthodontist’s instructions for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can I Drink Orange Juice With Braces

Can I Drink Orange Juice With Braces?

Yes, you can drink orange juice with braces. However, it’s important to rinse your mouth with water afterwards since the acid in the juice can damage your brackets or wires.

Is Orange Juice Bad For Braces?

Orange juice is safe for braces, but its acid can damage brackets or wires. Drinking it in moderation is better and rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

What Should I Avoid Drinking With Braces?

Avoid sugary drinks, sports drinks, soda, and carbonated beverages. Also, avoid drinks high in acid like citrus juices, as they can damage your braces.

Can I Drink Alcohol With Braces?

It’s better to avoid drinking alcohol with braces, as it can lead to accidents and damage your braces. Additionally, alcohol can cause dehydration, which affects your oral health.

Can I Drink Coffee With Braces?

You can drink coffee with braces, but switching to a low-acid brand or using a straw is better. Also, rinse your mouth with water afterwards to avoid staining.

Can I Drink Water Without Any Concerns With Braces?

It’s important to stay hydrated with water, especially when wearing braces. Drinking water can help wash away food particles and keep your mouth healthy.

Can I Drink Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice?

Yes, you can drink freshly squeezed orange juice with braces. However, ensure you follow the do’s and don’ts mentioned earlier to protect your braces and teeth.

Will Orange Juice Stain My Braces?

Orange juice can contribute to staining if not consumed carefully. Using a straw and rinsing your mouth afterwards can help minimize staining.

How Often Can I Drink Orange Juice?

Moderation is key. Enjoying orange juice occasionally and following proper oral hygiene practices is best.

Can I Drink Other Citrus Juices?

The same guidelines apply to other citrus juices like grapefruit and lemon juice. Dilute, use a straw, and rinse your mouth to minimize acidity’s effects.

What If I Accidentally Swish the Juice?

If you accidentally swish orange juice around your mouth, rinse with water immediately to minimize the acid’s impact.

Are There Alternatives to Orange Juice?

You can explore alternatives like apple juice or other gentler non-acidic beverages on your braces and teeth.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the answer to “Can I Drink Orange Juice With Braces?” is yes, with a few precautions. Diluting your juice, using a straw, and maintaining proper oral hygiene can help you enjoy your citrus beverage without compromising your orthodontic treatment. Remember to practice moderation and follow the do’s and don’ts to keep your braces and teeth healthy throughout your treatment journey.

After reading this article, we hope we have helped answer your question about whether you can drink orange juice with braces. The key takeaway is that while it is technically possible, it is important to be mindful of the potential risks and to consume it in moderation.

In general, it is best to opt for other beverages that are less acidic and do not pose a risk to your braces. If you choose to drink orange juice, rinse your mouth with water afterwards and brush your teeth and braces thoroughly.

With these tips in mind, you can still enjoy the occasional glass of orange juice without compromising the health and integrity of your braces. Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this article helpful.


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