Can I Drink Coffee With a Temporary Crown-Dos and Don'ts

Can I Drink Coffee With a Temporary Crown

It is not recommended to drink coffee with a temporary crown. A temporary crown is a protective cover for a damaged or decayed tooth until a permanent crown can be placed.

Treating the temporary crown with care and avoiding any unnecessary pressure or force on it is essential. Drinking hot or cold liquids, including coffee, can cause the temporary crown to loose or break. It is best to wait until the permanent crown is placed before consuming any drinks that may compromise its stability.

Additionally, consuming hot or acidic foods can cause discomfort or sensitivity to the tooth with the temporary crown. Following the dentist's instructions and recommendations for caring for your temporary crown is essential to ensure a successful tooth restoration.

Can I Drink Coffee With a Temporary Crown


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What Is A Temporary Crown?

A temporary crown is a cap placed on a tooth to protect it, while a permanent crown is created. It is usually made of acrylic or composite material. The purpose of a temporary crown is to restore the shape and function of a damaged tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

Temporary crowns are not designed for long-term use and may come loose quickly. Regarding drinking coffee with a temporary crown, it is recommended to avoid hot drinks as they may damage the crown or loosen it. It is also recommended to avoid chewing gum or eating sticky foods that may dislodge the crown.

Be gentle while brushing and flossing around the temporary crown to avoid damage or dislodgement.

What Can You Eat Or Drink With A Temporary Crown?

A temporary crown protects a damaged tooth while your permanent crown is being prepared. It is essential to care for your temporary crown to ensure its stability before you receive your permanent crown. Your dentist might have given you a list of foods and drinks to avoid eating, but can you drink coffee with a temporary crown?

Generally, coffee is safe to consume with a temporary crown, but you must be cautious. Extreme temperatures and sticky substances can loosen the crown or damage it. Before drinking it, wait until the coffee cools down and avoid stirring it with the crown.

Lastly, avoid chewing gum, hard candies, and crunchy foods, as they can dislodge the temporary crown.

The Effects Of Drinking Coffee With A Temporary Crown

If you have a temporary crown, it is advisable to limit your coffee intake. Coffee can cause staining, which may affect your crown's aesthetics. Coffee's acidity can also erode the temporary crown’s material, causing it to weaken over time. While the occasional cup of coffee may not cause serious harm, regular consumption can shorten the life of your temporary crown.

It’s best to avoid consuming coffee within the first 24-48 hours of getting your temporary crown. Waiting for your permanent crown before consuming coffee freely is equally essential. Following these guidelines will help maintain your temporary crown’s durability and aesthetic appeal.

How To Care For Your Temporary Crown

If you have a temporary crown, taking care of it properly is essential to ensure it lasts as long as possible. One critical aspect is maintaining good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

Floss regularly to remove particles between teeth. Limit your consumption of hard or sticky foods that can damage the crown. If you drink coffee, avoid it until the temporary crown sets. The hot beverage and acidic content may erode the adhesive before the crown is fully secure.

By following these suggestions, you'll increase the lifespan of your temporary crown and avoid any potential complications. Always consult with your dentist should you have any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can I Drink Coffee With A Temporary Crown

Can I Drink Coffee With A Temporary Crown?

Yes, you can safely drink coffee with a temporary crown. But it's advisable to wait at least 2 hours after placing a temporary crown to let the cement adequately set.

What Should I Avoid Eating With A Temporary Crown?

Avoid eating hard, sticky, or crunchy foods like nuts, popcorn, candies, and ice cubes with a temporary crown. They can damage or dislodge the crown, causing discomfort and needing replacement.

How Long Can A Temporary Crown Last?

Temporary crowns are meant to last a few weeks until your permanent crown is ready. Generally, they can last up to 4-6 weeks. But taking proper care of your temporary crown is essential to make it last longer.

How Do You Care For Temporary Crowns?

To care for temporary crowns, brush gently around the crown. Avoid flossing unless you use the floss threads. Limit harder chewing on the side with the new crown; because careful use of the crown will help it remain in place.

Is It Necessary To Get A Temporary Crown Replaced Immediately If It Falls Off?

If your temporary crown falls off, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater, and call your dentist immediately. If you can't visit the dentist immediately, try to place the crown back on the tooth with dental glue or toothpaste and get it fixed as soon as possible.


Finally, it is evident that drinking coffee with a temporary crown is not the best idea, as it may cause damage to the crown and lead to further dental issues. While indulging in your daily caffeine fix is tempting, exercising caution and prioritizing your dental health is essential.

Instead, opt for other gentle drinks on your temporary crown, such as water or tea. Consulting with your dentist before consuming any beverages is crucial. Remember, your temporary crown is essential for protecting your tooth until the permanent crown is placed.

Following your dentist's recommendations and adequately caring for your temporary crown is key to successful dental treatment. Always prioritize your dental health by making wise choices and avoiding potential damage.



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