10 Best Apps for IELTS Preparation: Get Desired Band Score

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Best Apps for IELTS Preparation and English Skill Development

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures your language proficiency. It uses from one to nine-band scale to identify levels for skill.

Most of the candidates indeed assume IELTS a very difficult exam. But believe that IELTS is no more difficult than any other exam.

The IELTS questions are simple. They are designed to assess how well you can use English. You need a thorough preparation for a good band score. Also, be sure that there is no pass, fail results in IELTS.

Getting a good band score is indeed difficult but it is possible.

Preparation for your IELTS exam will get fun with the best IELTS apps.

If you want the best IELTS apps for your exam, then this article is perfect for you.

Why do you Need apps for IELTS?

Arighful question. If you use the IELTSapps, then I think you don’t need IELTS coaching. These best English training apps act as a mentor. It also plays an essential role when it comes to becoming an IELTS master.

IELTS is not a piece of cake, where many people take it simple. The most important factor is the structure of the exam.

Let’s look at the reasons why experts think apps are genius:

  • Apps will always present at your fingertips.
  • All can use for its simple user interface.
  • We can get updated apps.
  • These apps can help us whether we are at home or office.

Here’s a list of well tested and trusted apps that you should check and use for acquiring a good band score in IELTS.

List of The Best apps for IELTS preparation.

Three categories of apps will be discussing below: Overall apps, Vocabulary apps, Specific apps.

Overall IELTS App

01. IELTS Prep App

British Council has introduced this amazing app. It is available both on iOS and Android devices. It is a very little but effective app that gives an overview of all the modules of IELTS: Listening, Speaking, Reading, And Writing.

Key Features:

  • IELTS Prep App is easy-to-use.
  • It gives you instant access to free practice tests, grammar tips, exercises, quizzes, and more.
  • Available to find sample questions. Such as, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, and vocabulary practice.
  • A comprehensive overview of the tests.
  • Free practice tests.
  • Grammar exercises.
  • Videos of IELTS speaking interviews.
  • Useful tips and hints.
  • Assessment criteria explained.
  • Vocabulary exercises.
  • Create a countdown for your test date.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Track your progress.
  • Preparation checklist.
  • Blog posts.

Download for Android | iOS

This is a free but one of the best apps for IELTS preparation and is a must-have for every IELTS candidate.

02. IELTS Test Pro 2020

IELTS Test Pro 2020 is another comprehensive app. It gives you access to free practice tests, flashcards, and score reports with detailed analytics.

This app tracks your performance and highlights your test strengths and weaknesses.
It is available both on Android and iOS.

Download for Android | iOS

Key Features:

  • 3000+ questions created by experts.
  • Detailed statistics of your progress for every question.
  • It focuses on preparing the best background for all users.
  • Tracking strengths and weaknesses with in-app analytics.
  • Support offline mode.
  • Maintain a dictionary.
  • Daily review calendar based on your study.
  • Support text to speech.
  • This is a free app, you should use and check totally.

03. IELTS Skills

Written by SuperFocux. A well-designed app focusing on all the skills you need to score well in the exam.

A complete skill for IELTScomestogether with the up to date classroom practice. This app covers all partsoftheIELTSexam including examples and exercises which undertake key IELTS problem areas.

It ensures providing detailed information, advice, and practice. It helps to make sure that students are fully prepared for the exam.

Download for Android

Key Features:

  • Innovative and interactive exercises.
  • Each skill is explained with examples.
  • Score yourself on the interactive can-do statement section.
  • A full range of questions to practice.
  • Speaking Test Preparation Pack for IELTS.
  • CompleteIELTS Band 4-5 Listening Quiz with answers.
  • CompleteIELTS Band 5-6.5 Vocabularies, Lesson audio with Answers.
  • CompleteIELTSBand 6-7.5 Story, Conversation.
  • IELTS Advantage: Speaking and Listening Skills.
  • This app is quite useful and free to download.
  • Vocabulary IELTS App.

04. IELTS Word Power

This is a questionably the best app available for vocabulary. British council developed this app. It has to improve your English.

Download for Android

Key Features:

  • Learn English and as well as improve your vocabulary power.
  • More than 100 questions to test your word power.

This is a very useful app and available in the play store.

05. BBC Learning English

The renowned and most trusted organization BBC introduced the BBC Learning English app.

Over 75 years it has been helping millions of learners, in more than 100 countries.

It brings together about all your most wanted lessons and presenters in one simple-to-use package. It is one of the best ways to keep your English skill up to date!

Available on Android devices and iOS. You should install this app immediately.

Download for Android | iOS

Key Features:

  • Strategic practice.
  • New lessons daily.
  • Notifications to help you continue learning.
  • Easy-to-find programs registered by the series name or category. For instance, Everyday English, Learn English with the News, Business English, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation.
  • Sharing option on social media, email, SMS to your friends.

This free app is the most helpful and you can get for supporting your IELTS course online.

06. IELTS Vocabulary

You can improve your IELTS vocabulary using this App. It has exclusive.

  • Academic Wordlist.
  • Words of different topics that are asked in the IELTS exam.
  • Many tests.

Available on both Android and iOS.

This app covers the most important and keywords used in IELTS online coaching.

Download for Android | iOS

Key Features:

  • Tests with many levels to improve word power.
  • Words on different topics like academic word list, education, work, environment, health, etc.
  • IELTS flashcards.
  • The most important words are added to the favorite word list.
  • Navigation drawer to go to specific word list categories.
  • Offline pronunciation.
  • Add the word to the Mastered list if you are familiar with that word.
  • Search for words using the intuitive search functionality.

ThisIELTSappis are available on off-line. YoucanlearnIELTSwordswithout the internet. It has Flashcards and Tests on Important words.

Vocabulary Specific App

07. Learn English Podcasts

British Council developed this app.

Listen to everyday conversations. Native British English speakers recorded the conversations in Learning English Podcasts series. It of course improves your listing skills.

Boost your listening skills every day with this entertaining podcast. This app is available both on android and iOS.

Download for Android | iOS

Key Features:

  • 60 episodes and over 20 hours of free listening.
  • Hear and read along with the moving audio script.
  • Download and Use episodes offline.
  • Wide range of different topics in English.
  • Play audio even when the device screen is turned off.

This is a free and useful IELTS online training app. It provides a good source of learning with entertainment.

08. English Radio IELTS/TOEFL

This is a free app for online radio stations including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other English-speaking countries. It improves English listening and speaking skills.

English Radio IELTS/TOEFL is an excellent free app for those who are preparing for English exams, like IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC.

No doubt it is a big platform to practice speaking and listening.

This is available for both iOS and Android.

Download for Android | iOS

Key Features:

  • A good collection of radios from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other English speaking countries.
  • Easy to find and listen to popular radio stations.
  • Rich content.
  • Make friends with other users and chat with them.
  • Simple, quick, and easy-to-use user interface.

09. IELTS Writing 2020

IELTS writing is a difficult part of many students in Listening, Speaking, and Reading.

It is straightforward and easy to understand. It provides task 1 and task 2 for both academic and general writing.

This app helps you with how to brainstorm and use their time and brain in this part. This application provides free materials and self-study about writing.

A comprehensive guide to building your band. This is a free app and available on the Android Play Store.

Download for Android

Key Features:

  • Freewriting test.
  • Academic and General writing samples.
  • Specific guidelines.
  • Available offline.
  • Many topics to choose from.
  • Extend your ideas and create a plan.
  • IELTS Band Calculator.
  • IELTS Writing Vocabulary by topic added.

Users can use this application to increase band score to their dream level.

10. Learn English Audio and Video

In the LearnEnglish Audio & Video app, you will find the best podcasts and videos. It offered on the LearnEnglish website on topics such as

  • UK food and culture.
  • Everyday life and
  • Famous stories and poems.

Extra features, for example, a moving audio script and pitch control have been added in the app to help with listening and understanding the podcasts.

Download for Android | iOS

Final Words

Technology is getting advanced day by day, and we are taking those benefits. Even the application world is providing quality resources to help us with IELTS exams.

Here I mentioned the worldwide recognized IELTS applications that help to gain accurate and well knowledge of English skills.

IELTS apps also help you to take an IELTS test so that you can receive a test report that is recognized and accepted by thousands of international institutions, including Universities, Companies, Professional bodies, and Government agencies.

You will be motivated to study harder because these apps give you clear ideas and goals.
Use these best Apps for IELTS preparation well and get the results.


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